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Pardes Preschool



Welcome to Pardes Preschool!


Pardes Preschool is a play-based early childhood education program dedicated to nurturing each child’s individual development within the framework of Jewish values and traditions.

We maintain excellent child/staff ratios that exceed the National Association for the Education of Young Children’s (NAEYC) accreditation requirements of 1:6. Our small class size with two teachers enables a very individualized learning experience where children are neither overwhelmed nor overlooked.

Each learning day includes indoor and outdoor play as well as teacher-facilitated large and small group learning sessions to develop each aspect of the enrolled children. The entire learning day is focused toward the development of the whole child including social-emotional, cognitive, and physical development. Classroom routines encourage autonomy while planned and unplanned activities encourage cognitive and language skills.

Guidelines suggested by Creative Curriculum, First Class Pre-K, and PJ Library Goes to School serve as the foundation of our center-based classroom setup, teaching practice, and multi-faceted student assessment, and are overlaid with seasonally-appropriate themes supporting our dual curriculum of secular and Judaic studies. 

We use a basis of Jewish values and traditions to encourage a sense a community and the ethical development of each child. Hebrew language instruction is offered weekly, and children celebrate Shabbat on Fridays with challah, grape juice, and candle lighting.  Jewish education (holidays, values/mitzvahs, Hebrew language, etc) is introduced in a manner meaningful to young children and respectful of other faiths and traditions, as many of our students are part of interfaith families or are not Jewish.

Pardes is a Hebrew word meaning "orchard". It is also an acronym that refers to four levels of learning, ranging from the literal to the esoteric. Our hope is that our preschoolers will blossom as they undertake these processes of growth and discovery in our program.


Peshat – surface or literal meaning

Remez – deep meaning beyond literal

Derash – comparative meaning

Sod – esoteric meaning




Preschool classes are available for children age 2.5-4.9 years old.

We offer mixed-age preschool classes four mornings per week. Children may be enrolled for any 2-4 days, space-permitting.

Children must be fully potty-trained to attend Pardes.

Healthy seasonal snacks are provided every day.

Lunches are packed from home, following kosher guidelines (no pork, shellfish, or mixed meat/dairy).



It is best to visit Pardes prior to enrollment to see what we do!

For a tour, more information, or to register for this preschool program, please contact us at



Last updated 04/03/18

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